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January 12, 2019

For instructions on how to adjust the double-click speed, pointer speed, right-hand or left-hand configuration, and other touchpad settings, see “Changing the touchpad settings” on page Open the document in the program that it was created in. The keyboard should easily fall into place. Protect your convertible tablet PC by using a surge protector. To turn on the Power on Lid Lift feature: Press the release latch to attach the convertible tablet PC.

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This program corrects file and folder problems and marks flawed areas on the hard drive so Windows does not use them. The Advanced Appearance dialog box opens.

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You should reinstall device drivers: Using the AC adapter Place the adapter in a ventilated area, such as a desktop or on the floor, when you useitto run your convertible tablet PC or to charge the battery.

Take a telephone line protector.

You must be connected to the Internet to search for and access these topics. It provides instructions for installing and configuring Ethernet networking on your notebook. The Windows Welcome screen opens. Be careful not to damage the LCD panel, or unplug the keyboard ribbon cable.

Gateeay If the drive you want to use is not in the modular bay, you need to swap modules. The Psn Documents folder is accessible from all accounts on that computer and from other computers on the network.


This forum penn is a read-only archive which contains old newsgroup posts. Each of the computers or Ethernet-ready devices communicate with the access point using radio waves. The eSupport page also has links to additional Gateway documentation and detailed specifications. Getting Started 50 www. Windows key a Press this key to open the Windows Start menu. Stop Previous Volume Next www. Avoid working with confidential files until you can be sure of privacy.

Your e-mail address is assigned when you oen up for an account with an ISP.

Using The Pen; Storing And Removing The Pen – Gateway M User Manual [Page 57]

Do not sharply strike the display. Overheating of a PC Card can result in errorsor instability tateway the card’s operation. The Disk Defragmenter program organizes the data on the drive gatewzy each file is stored as one unit rather than as multiple pieces scattered across different areas of the drive.

The panel soft-locks into the final position. Information on the Web comes to you on Web pages, which are electronic documents that you view using a Web page display program called a browser.

no pen works on Gateway M275

Use the TIP to enter data mm275 hand, soft keyboard, or voice into a word processing program or a text-entry form. This identifier information is required by law. You do not need to restart your convertibletablet PC when changing most cards because your convertible tablet PC supports hot-swapping.


Copying and moving files and folders The ski I Is you need to copy and movefiles are called copying, cutting, and pasting. Do not dispose of batteries in afire.

Gateway M275 User Manual: Using The Pen; Storing And Removing The Pen

Windows previews the screen saver. If your convertible tablet PC is not plugged into an AC outlet, you must turn the convertible tablet PC off while changing the batteries. Th eProperties dialog box opens. Except for peh memory or the hard drive, do not attempt to service your convertible tablet PC yourself. Follow any on-screen instructions, if necessary. The Save Tracks dialog box opens. The Start menu opens showing you the first level of menu items.

The following example shows how an access point also lets you access the Internet.