December 1, 2018

Nice to know I’m not alone. I hope help you with this information. He made it seem like he couldnt use asio. Luckily I installed the latest drivers from EMU and had Patchmix set to 48kHz because that’s the way my audiofiles come in at. Sometimes about once every two weeks I get an ugly bluescreen all of a sudden, without any program running, with no specific driver mentioned.

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I spend a lot of time broking my head about this problem. I was running Windows 7 with an E-MUworking very well. If you want, try the 2nd to last drivers.

Creative Worldwide Support > E-MU PCI

If I close the program wihdows is sounding distorted and open it again, the sound will be restored. I’ve installed the software from the CD that came with the Emubut the problem is still ongoing. Hope there will be a fix for it. I can’t find anything else on this!

E-MU 0404 PCI and Windows 7 x64

I know that the drivers are a little different for that, but as for the support they offer View More Photo Galleries. I had to go back to an earlier version.


Monday, January 11, emuu Try a reinstall Cj. I’m using the analogue output, followed all of the instructions here and at other fora. Also, you should never use what sonar defualts to, its just a default and is not set for optimal performance. Without Fear is for sale now on iTunes! It does not require that you had previously installed software from an original Digital Audio System CD, only that your system meets the minimum hardware requirements If you are installing this package on a system where you did not previously install Digital Audio Eju software, you must also install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX, which is available at http: I winndows using the analog output, haven’t yet tested the optical and the others.

The E-MU Professional sound cards and mixers are designed to operate at ranges from Copyright – Creative Technology Winodws. Originally Posted by Smurf Thanks for the info sikejsudjek! User Control Panel Log out. It does not require that you had previously installed software from an original Digital Audio System CD, only that your system meets the minimum hardware requirements. Just the product default and some powerfx, emulater and RMAA.

However, I can record from my microphone into Adobe Audition without incident. By default it is set to which is ehy many of you will have problems with the emu soundcard at the beginning. Once the card was up and running, it served me well for a pdi of years.

Recent Drivers  PASORI DRIVER

windows 7 and emu pci soundcard

Upon rebooting, everything went fine and I can tell from my patchmix that it is set to 48k. Just in case anyone is using the emu pci card or equivalent, to save you the two days of tearing your hair out I’ve experienced, the beta Windows 7 drivers and patchmix application are linked below.

I still have faith that it will work and only because it’s not running in the PCI winodws. EMU is still down I’m still very disappointed with my purchase and do not recommend buying an EMU soundcard until they’ve sorted this out.

Without FearVSTi. E-MU on their site: Click on the tiny URL in my profile.

EMU Graphics Card: