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December 21, 2018

Community Rules Submissions must be directly gaming-related. The cart shows up in the device listings as unknown but won’t run because of the lack of drivers. If that fails, you can always PM me. Far harder to get hold of a GBA flash cart nowadays This flash kit CAN’T make backups of original game carts or saves and save it on the computer the USB cable is connected directly to the flash cart for better transfer speed. I have just seen that the link provided for the cable also provides the drivers.

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Does anyone know of a way to get this working with windows 7 or if there efa-kinker any cheap alternatives to this that will? So, no complaints here either. You can find cheat codes at www.

EFA-Linker 512mb. Drivers?

The on-board RTC real time clock also works perfectly. So don’t create an image over Mbit. Unfortunately, one option that it doesn’t have or I can’t find is the option to rename games for the boot menu. This is a very handy feature that saves your effort of setting the RTC manually.

On the GBA, the boot menu shows a list of flashed games, the title and version number of the boot menu, the www.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of rfa-linker User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It can be downloaded from http: Saving files in games works fine.


EFA-Linker Setup

For a more detailed explanation of these efa-liner, click here. It was worth plenty less back then. If your submission does not appear, do not delete it. I have just seen that the link provided for the cable also provides the drivers.

EFA Linker 2 – GBA / NDS Flash Card

Apparently, these bugs are being worked on for the next release so hopefully we will see a fully working efal-inker soon. You can boot a game by pressing ‘A’ or you can boot it with a soft reset using ‘B’.

You can see a picture of the default boot menu below. New improved U-Disk function. Community Rules Submissions must be directly gaming-related. Installation was a breeze for me, and very straight forward It will detect the EFA cart and all the buttons on the interface become enabled.

Currently only version 2. Well, just fine to be honest! EFA Linker software is well made and reliable. Note that Action Replay codes that use the physical AR button found on efa-lin,er real AR cart for cheats such as slow motion won’t work; neither will M codes so make sure you don’t select them when pasting codes into the software.

Hopefully these are just all problems in the early stages and we can expect to have a fully working version of Pogoshell for the EFA-Linker Mbit and Mbit versions and a client software that is more compatible with Pogoshell and save types it needs to run soon!

Recent Drivers  RV409 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

You can charge the battery after installing the drivers and making sure the LED on the cart is green and leaving it plugged in and your PC powered on for 8 hours. The first thing you might as well do is, synchronise the EFA’s RTC real time clock with your computer’s time settings. Yep, the time it takes to write the cart is the fastest on the market, and it’s the fastest I’ve ever seen.

This is simple enough if you know what you’re doing, but if not, just open the EFA English Manual PDF and read through the step by step instructions to install the drivers. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Instead, you’re stuck with the ROM’s software title. If that fails, you can always PM me. You could direct plug and play. I give ya tree fitty No Kickstarter, crowdfunding, et al project “reminder” posts.