January 17, 2019

Bought a filter adaptor and some filter to enhance the shots of the camera. The share button is the feature that sets Kodak cameras from the competition with the exception of HP. Playback-Mode Display In Playback mode, you can press the DX’s multi-controller to zoom in or out of an image, with a maximum enlargement of 4x. Taking up the right side of the rear panel, this lighted dial accesses the following camera modes: Enables an index display of images on the memory card or those stored in the internal memory. I’m usually not a fan of EVFs, because they’re generally useless at low light levels.

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DCRP Review: Kodak EasyShare DX

Secondly, I apologize for the inability of the volleyball players to get the ball over the net. Marked with a camera icon and the word “Auto,” this mode is best for most average shooting conditions. This sounds like something you wouldn’t want to do, but it turns out that most electronic viewfinders throw away most of the sensor data anyway, to match the limited resolution of the LCD screens.

Worst-case run time is about 2 hours and 42 minutes, longer than usual among digicams I’ve tested. If Auto is selected, the camera automatically stores images to a memory card if one is present. The colors are very saturated — perhaps too much so.

I chose the Auto white balance as the most accurate overall, though it was almost identical to the Daylight setting. On the bottom panel of the Xx6490 are the tripod mount, a connector for the EasyShare dock, and the battery compartment.

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Kodak DX6490

The DX employs a Multi-Pattern metering system by default, which bases the exposure on a cx6490 of light readings taken throughout the frame. As you can see, the DX fits right in the middle of the pack in terms of size and weight.

Kodak includes 16MB of internal memory, which is barely enough to get started with, so do yourself a favor and buy a larger card. In my own work, I rarely use fx6490 focus, but I use manual white balance all the time.

Kodak EasyShare DX MP Digital Camera – Black | eBay

A plastic lens cap clamps onto the lens easyshqre protection, and features a small tether to attach it to the camera body and prevent it from being lost. This is my ultimate “resolution shot,” given the infinite range of detail in a natural scene like this, and the DX performed very well.

Where the DX really stands out is in terms of ease-of-use. However, increasing the ISO to jumps the noise level considerably, and the ISO setting results in very high noise as well, despite the lower image resolution the camera forces you to use.

Maximum movie lengths depend on the amount of memory space available, as recording is limited only by available memory space. Microphone Microphone Operation Mode.

A second Self-Timer mode provides a delay between the time the Shutter button is pressed and when the shutter actually opens, so you can get into your own shots. I like the fact DX seems very conservative on battery consumption and while dated by todays standards and lacks some features of todays cameras, I still use it as a mainstay camera for much of my general shooting.

The DX’s Auto white balance setting did an excellent job here, almost entirely avoiding the pitfall of the excessive blue tones. Shot-to-shot speed is average, with a 2.

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Kodak EASYSHARE DX6490 – digital camera Series

If you want to edit your photo, there are some basic tools included. The camera is fairly easy to hold, though I wish it had a larger right hand grip.

Manual mode provides complete exposure control, with the user able to set both aperture and shutter speed. The sharing and album features were covered earlier in easyzhare review, so scroll back up to the tour section to learn about that. Kodak has created an attractive, easy-to-use menu system for their cameras.

Overall, I would rate the camera 4 stars out of 5 and would recommend. Unlike most of the EasyShare line of digicams, the DX offers full manual exposure control and a maximum exposure time of 16 seconds. The Daylight setting produced a slightly warm cast, with a reddish tint. The last item to discuss here is the zoom controller, located at the top-right. A tiny macro area with great detail. Sure, you’ll find it in our torture testbut it wasn’t in too many of my other shots.

Adjacent to the top right corner of the LCD monitor, this button turns the LCD information overlay display on and off. The thumbnails below show a subset easyshxre our test images. With quick presses of the button, you can make precise lens movements.