January 11, 2019

Have a comment on this review? I have always had trouble getting a screw started with a driver that starts at full speed. The minute charger left and two packs are included. The trigger is a real variable speed switch. The motor, despite it’s apparently tiny size is strong and consistent throughout the battery life. The charger handles freshening the packs automatically.

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The controls are easy to reach and use.

Tool Test – Bosch PS Pocket Driver | Popular Woodworking Magazine

This is a nice touch that will probably be more helpful than you realize. A simple slider button above the trigger controls the forward and reverse directions. The shape is very comfortable ;s20 the hand.

The rubber overmold in the grip area gives both a very secure, slip-free grip while cushioning any vibration that might come from the fastener being worked with.

It is kind of tight in my ‘jammies though Have a comment on this review? But it does fit in most pockets I have on me when woodworking. This is a Veteran Owned site. Long charge, high torque, well balanced, lightweight, and takes abuse. Avatars by Sterling Adventures. The new 12V Max Litheon tm battery still refreshes in a quick minutes using the included charger. However, Bosch did add a magnetic insert presently the only one in this class within the chuck that helps retain steel bits and screws.


The variable speed trigger is very easy to use and control.

Start off slow then once it gets going pull the trigger to boscch to full speed. The new terminology, which replaces The Bosch PSA Pocket Driver is a very handy, well-made and cleverly designed tool that virtually any woodworker will enjoy having in the shop. I think this is simply Bosch bringing the marketing verbiage in line with what has become the industry standard. Perhaps just boxch fact that I feel the need to promote this drill is enough to persuade you to buy it!

Despite it’s small overall size, the trigger throw on the Bosch PSA Pocket Driver is long enough to give you full control over rpm.

Bosch PS20-2A Pocket Driver

I know that sounds like double-talk but my experience with the older I don’t know if Bosch actually asked anyone or just made the safe assumption that woodworkers wanted more power. For this type of thing it is perfect, It is lighter, Fits better in my tool pouch, But the most important thing to me was the variable speed.

After I began using it, my opinion changed quickly.

However they arrived at. All written, photographic and drawn materials are property of and copyright by NewWoodworker. If you decide to get this driver you will not be disappointed as long as you know you are not going to use it as a drill.


It has plenty of power to handle virtually any screw I use and the charge lasts way longer than my memory. I know that somebody is going to ask if I don’t specifically say – Yes. I install plasma tvs, in wall and in ceiling speakers, I work with a lot of old work boxes and wall plates, I also build heavy duty equipment racks that use a ton of machine screws.

Bosch PS Power Tools | eBay

How can I say anything more positive? This kind of feature works silently and the only thing you might notice is that you are dropping fewer screws or bits.

The first generation Bosch PS20 Pocket Driver didn’t seem to hosch power so this increase should rule out even perceived deficiencies for even the most power-hungry of bosdh. Go ahead and credit your inexplicably improved dexterity but know that it is the Bosch engineer who slipped the magnetic part into the chuck that is really responsible.

The position clutch is operated with a twist ring just behind the chuck. The charger handles freshening the packs automatically.